"You have all the power of the elements and you know how to use them - fresh as air, vital as water, strong as earth, and passionate as fire."

Uncontrolled action is useless. Karin is that control, pure reflection, that calm pool of water that serves as a mirror to reflect, wonder, discover things and follow the path by using a tool as important as is creativity. Working with Karin is a high impact experience. From the deepest reflection and from the hand of creativity, this allows you to take any issue or situation where solutions arise from within yourself. Real and deep coaching.
– Pepe Portillo Valverde

Karin Pinter is a fantastic coach. I met her at a very complicated time in my life, where I had lost my direction and sense of self worth. Working with Karin changed everything. Her motivational coaching on both a professional and personal level helped me find my way. Her approach is very practical and resonated perfectly with me. She gave me tools to help work through problems and that helped me with my creativity. I will continue to work with Karin and I highly recommend her.
Kinvara Vaughan

After Og Mandino and Dale Carnegie, Karin Pinter is undoubtedly the coach who continues to give birth to my path to continue loving my life, dreams and vision.
When I saw some information about the Personal Growth and Creation Workshop, I thought, “It’s just another workshop…” but I was struck by the phrase “COLOUR YOUR LIFE” and I called to find out what it was really about. Karin answered me with great kindness and from the very first minute we had a great connection and affinity. Many times in life we connect with people who, even without having met them, you know that there is something they can bring you, and I was not mistaken, because this workshop brings out not only my best feelings, qualities and strengths, but also my fears, false beliefs and some frustrations to be able to work them out day by day and get to be a better person. I encourage everyone who wants to learn and unlearn to be part of this workshop with Karin Pinter and Niki Owl. I assure you that you will soon start a new chapter in your lives.
THANK YOU. With love.
– Lourdes Escudero

Karin, thank you for the Colour Your Life Personal Growth and Creation Workshop. I am growing as a person and a professional. Thank you for giving me the tools of life and for removing the blindfold. I feel that I am a better person and that I am discovering things that I did not know. You are like Tinker Bell and Jiminy Cricket. I recommend your workshop and your company to everyone.
– César Guerrero García

Karin is a wonderful person, capable of any task she sets her mind to. I worked with Karin in the summer of 2019, running an international artist program in Carmona, Spain. We needed someone on the ground who could speak both languages to help us coordinate locations and Karin made miracles happen, quite literally. She also helped coordinate our last day pop-up art show, which was a first for Carmona (and also something unheard of to the locals). She connected us to the Mayor’s office of Carmona, the Cultural Center, and all the local resources we needed. She went above and beyond in every way, out of her desire to do her very best in all situations, and because she is a genuine and kind person. Her creativity and work ethic are world class. Her Niki Owl project is a wonderful example of how her skill and imagination are utilised to change the world and help people love themselves and others.
– Catherine Richards, Artist Immersion Program

Excellent professional. What makes Karin stand out is her personality, empathy and ability to listen. I had the privilege to work with her on a career project and I felt, since our very first call, her proximity and diligence. Generous, flexible and committed, she is capable to bring the best out of any circumstances. More than a leap of faith, she is a Genius!
– José Antonio Támara Espot

“I asked Karin to come and take a look at my business. We sat together and looked at the past, present, and my vision for the future. She was able to pull aspects of my skill set, experience, and perspectives that provided me with a different view. Parts of myself emerged that I had forgotten about and had discounted. I needed this reminder to help bring my vision into the world. Four days after meeting with Karin I took this new awareness, clarity, and commitment, and went to meet a prospective client. The consultation was easy, smooth, and transformative; at the end of the day they were ready to sign a 6-month contract. I started working for them two days later. We are coming up on two months of working together. Last week the Founder gave me a check, and told me “this is the best money I have ever spent”.

I know with all certainty my time with Karin allowed me to transform into a new way of seeing my vision and myself.  Her attention to detail, ability to see multiple layers over time and space, coaching, and holding me accountable to be my very best is what moved me from thinking about my dream to living my dream. I highly recommend Karin to all of those that have a vision, dream, are ready for results, and want to take their vision to the next level.”
– Stacey Bunton

“Karin made the most tremendous difference in my world this year (2016) by helping me wake up my imagination and actively supporting my dreams becoming a reality. She really took her time to invest in me, transforming my mind using her deep questioning and the Niki Owl Leap of Faith colouring book. This created breakthroughs in every area of my life – business, relationships and spiritual fellowship – and Karin has been my major supporter.
Karin, my words of appreciation to you for my great year have no limits. Thank you for your real friendship, my Dear Genius Coach! 2016 was the most transformational year of my life because of you.”
– Vlad Meltzer

“Karin is a true inspiration and has a unique gift for getting past the lies we tell ourselves that keep us from achieving our dreams. She calls you out and holds you accountable in a positive supportive way that you walk away knowing you can do it, knowing it is going to happen – your dreams are coming and you can be excited about that.”
– Charles Evans

“Karin is among the most awake and intuitive people I have ever met, approaching her business coaching from a standpoint of drawing out solutions from YOU rather than just giving advice. It’s a revolutionary coaching technique that has proven extremely effective with my company, ToPa 3D. Since my coaching sessions with Karin and the perspective shifts I have obtained, I have manifested to date, the most creative and engaging projects and clients of my career – these are endeavours I always dreamed of doing and with Karin’s help, I was able to transform my dreams into a reality. I highly recommend Karin for anyone that wants to innovate and take their vocation to a level they never thought possible. I remain extremely grateful for the insights and tools Karin has gifted to me for what can be possible.”
– Paul Tice – CEO of ToPa 3D, Speaker, Producer, Innovator

“Karin, thank you so much for sharing your words of inspiration and encouragement. Our women enjoyed your story and were truly impacted by your words. One of our young ladies came home and developed a plan to start her own organic sweets baking business. Hearing how you took the risk and followed your dream encouraged her to do the same. Thank you so very much for your time, your talent, and your service.”
– Nichole Henry – Director of Housing Services, YWCA of Fort Worth & Tarrant County, TX
(from Keynote Speech at “In Power to Empower” Women’s Conference, August 9, 2014 at La Mancha in Fort Worth, TX)

“Working with Karin brought me to a place of new and unexpected insights that seem to come from a place very deep within me. I began to understand how and why certain events unfolded in my life and I was better able to transform ‘blocks’ into successes.”
– Rachel Gibson

“Karin helps me see through the fog and confusion with laser awareness. During our sessions she guides me straight to the heart of the matter, giving me access to transformation in a safe space where I feel held, supported and helped.”
– Laura Haykel

“Karin had me looking at things in a whole new way and it opened my eyes to things I didn’t even know were there before. I have learned to recognize where I need to put boundaries in place, and I have followed through. It’s still a work in progress, but I have been designing my days more the way I want them to be. My time is feeling more of my own again.”
– Rachel Barbic – Cleveland, OH

“Working with Karin is delightful and fun. I felt like I was able to have a genuine conversation with someone who really has a passion for helping people live their best life. I felt supported and valued!”
– Faith Geiger – Satori Alpha at Satori Capital

“Karin makes a person think from a unique perspective and helps make the overall goal or vision more attainable, reasonable, and exciting. She helped me remember to give myself credit for what I’m doing and the progress I’m making now. Discussing the result of “getting it,” made me realize how important and meaningful “it” is for my life and happiness. So, why not make changes, right? I’m even more in tune with my passions and making time for them because I realize even more after our session all the greatness they bring to my life.”
– Cami Miller – VP of Stakeholder Experience at Satori Capital –
Founder of Train For Life

“We all need guidance and fine tuning!! By defining what I wanted to spend some of my time doing, I was open to the opportunity when it presented itself.”
– Marion Simms – Founder, SkinSense Wellness Spa

“You may think you don’t need this kind of life coaching or advice but you do – you know it when you get done with your session! I would probably not have come to the conclusion that I needed to make those changes on my own. I felt excited before our time together and I felt even more excited afterwards! My experience was peaceful, fun, exciting and eye-opening!”
– Julia Pizzolato – Seed Social Nutrition

“After each session I feel better and better and look forward to the next one. Karin brings out the best in me and helps me strive to be even better! She takes me to a whole new level and asks the right questions. Since we started, I see a change in my confidence, how others see me, how I see myself, my business is improving, and I have gotten more clients. What you spend on coaching will come back ten fold.”
– April Thompson

“Karin Pinter is an inspirational, motivational teacher who tunes in to the individual needs of her clients. By achieving this close rapport, Karin then assists in self realization, and begins to assist in tweaking and filtering the blockages and ultimately helping to create a much higher level of self understanding ones self, and achieving the things they want.  Karin gives me the ability to feel empowered by helping me utilize the tools I already have, and ultimately, I end up doing more of the things I enjoy, instead of just “working”.  Karin is a pleasure to work with.”
– Brian Darling – Business Manager & Host of The Brian Darling Show