The Love Cards
Contemplations, questions and meditations about Love...

People are used to looking for Love in so many places when it’s right there within each one of us. Love is the magical feeling that drives us to create life with integrity, wisdom, boldness and tenderness. The one that connects us with others of like frequency and helps raise others'.

These Love Cards were born out of heeding a deep inner call to open up to a new channel of creative expression, and a way to process things I’ve witnessed through Love, which I believe many people can relate to somehow.

One of the toughest obstacles we each have to overcome is learning how to express ourselves from a place of love, to say what what we need, ask for what we want, and hear others clearly. The focus of these cards is, obviously, Love. Though you can apply them to whatever situation feels right for you.

Sometimes they may apply to something you’re experiencing in the moment, give you insight on something from before, or help you focus future communications.

Their tone is meant to be clean, warm, inquisitive, though sometimes a bit edgy and bold. Sometimes playful, sometimes down to earth, sometimes spiritual or a blend. Laser sharp, cutting through the BS. Essentially though, they aim straight for the heart of the matter (I think that comes from my Sun/Venus in Cancer, Moon/Rising Sign in Capricorn, Mother/Father energy blend…). That’s why each one signs off with “xo Love”.

Most of all, they’re designed to encourage you to be and experience the kind of love that is as deep as the ocean where the hidden treasures lie, and as high as the highest mountain where the purest air and best views are.

I hope they help any of you find comfort, clarity, inspiration, re-think things, or even wake up/shake yourself up to what you really want. Take what resonates and leave the rest. You’ll find them on my Instagram @Karin.Pinter

With Appreciation,
xo Love