Are you being honest with your love?

Honesty is sacred; first with ourselves, and then with our person. When it comes to love, ideally we’d express our honesty with love and kindness. Of course there may be some trepidation at times, and it’s honest to express that too if you’re unsure about something.

One of the worst things is when someone questions your honesty about your love towards them. Especially when you show up with love, kindness, respect, commitment and appreciation every day in both words and actions.

It can be really tough and unfair.

It’s a horrible feeling.

You just want to love and enjoy your partner, not be questioned at every moment, right?

Nobody generally likes to be questioned if you’re being honest with them, especially if you’ve made their heart your home and you’ve shown up that way every day. But we don’t always know what inner conflicts somebody is dealing with that they may not even be aware of or be able to openly share with us. This can create challenges in how they believe our honesty or share theirs with us.

On the other hand, just because someone doesn’t always have answers when they’re being asked something does not necessarily mean they are being dishonest.

Contemplations (these are honest questions to ask yourselves):
– Is someone projecting their lack of honesty onto you? – – Is their fear of having been lied to by others in the past affecting make them mistrust your honesty with them?
– What’s blocking their true honesty?
– What stops them from believing you, that may have more to do with them than with you?

If you’ve been struggling with honesty in your relationships, the best you can do is go within and find out what you want and what you feel, and then find the courage to express that to your person.

I’m not saying it’s always easy, but it does get easier over time. It will build your confidence and clarity, and those are two very important things to have in love and life.

Besides, nobody likes to be left in the dark.