Fight. Flight. Flow.

You’ve heard of “Fight or Flight” where people often choose to fight their way through a relationship or fly away (run) from it. They’ll choose Fight or Flight for a wide range of reasons – fears, insecurities, discomfort, confusion, etc. instead of sticking things through and dealing with them head on, with love and compassion.

Fight or Flight is a survival mechanism, and it’s normal.

But when we’re talking about two people with a shared desire and commitment to be together, we come from a place of Flow. Flow creates the space for a relationship to truly thrive.

Flowing with the day to day, flowing with unexpected circumstances, flowing with who each one of you is while you grow and nurture the bond between you.Going with the flow doesn’t mean “going with the wind in any direction,” ignoring your wants or needs, or your partner’s. It also doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges, but we’ll face them differently. Flow means finding your flow individually and together, respecting what’s important to both of you, working through things together, with the wellbeing of the relationship in mind. Flowing consciously and with the joy this energy brings.

Flow means openness. Flow means trust. Flow means moving forward, in a very special dance only the two of you can create with your personal magic.

Let your love flow.