Forgive yourself for whoever cheated on you.

Forgive yourself…

For not listening to your intuition sooner when certain things didn’t add up with them.

For not understanding why your body and soul felt sick more and more after every excuse they gave you.

For not sensing clearly when they were lying to you in your face… and in your bed.

For not stepping away sooner when they started to try and turn it all against you to hide the truth of their actions.

For letting yourself get caught up in someone else’s confusion, lies, deceit, and tricks – wish for their soul’s awakening from a distance, and count your blessings.

For letting it go on for too long, hoping your intuition was simply “wrong” about them.

For not accepting the truth of the situation, and believing their words over their questionable actions, evasive remarks, gaslighting and secret-keeping.

For ignoring even the slightest signs that told you their loyalty was not with you.

For not heeding your friends’ intuitions and advice when they could see what you couldn’t or didn’t want to.

For loving someone who wasn’t ready, able, or emotionally mature to commit to you – let them find their way, elsewhere.

For not wanting to see what was so obvious, because you were truly in love.

For letting any of it taint your soul – focus on your spiritual cleansing and whichever lessons you needed to learn.

Forgive yourself, because only this way can you give peace to that part of you, and call in the person who will respect and love you as you deserve.

Forgive yourself.

In the name of Love, forgive yourself.