Have the heart to heart conversation.

Speaking from the heart doesn’t always come easy for everyone, and we’ll often do it in different ways. But when it comes down to what we really feel, it’s important to be able to voice it. And most of us have never been taught to speak from this place with confidence. We learn this through the soft touches and hard knocks of life.

Some of these conversations are easier than others. Whether it’s “I love you,” “I want to be with you,” “I have strong feelings for you but I’m not sure how to make this work,” “or… “I don’t have those feelings for you that you wish I did,” and so many other things that we need to share to know where we stand or hope for with one another.

All of these are conversation-starters that will either fuel love or set someone free.

Whatever that conversation is, for any heart to fulfil its happiness in love, we must be able to speak from this place. For clarity, and for the things of love to gain life and momentum.