I believed you.

What happens when the ground falls from beneath your feet and you’re left wondering what happened in your relationship? They said they loved you more than their own life, that they’d never leave you and then… they’re gone. Silence. Distance. Nothing. You might as well be dead. Perhaps some harsh words and accusations before they left, and then you feel left outside in the cold wondering if you’ve just been played, because you know all along who you were committed to, but what about them?
Everything comes into question – their words, their actions, did they really love you? How do they really feel about you? What were their true intentions? Were they lying to you all along? What really happened? Was it all just false promises? Are you “over” or is this some awkward break where nobody says anything? What is the real truth behind the silence? Why is this happening? Do you pack up your heart and walk away with no real sense of closure or answers to these questions? Is there any hope?
Amidst those questions all you keep thinking is, “I believed you, I believed you, I believed you…” with all the heartache and frustration that comes with it. It feels so unfair.
Have any of you experienced this, and how did you cope or recover? Did you find resolution?