I came to help you grow, I’m sorry if it hurt.

We can get confused about Love at times, especially when it hits us like an unexpected tsunami.
It breaks off the parts of you that no longer serve your highest good and your highest love. It can feel terrifying at times.
But the “heart break” you might feel is usually the tearing down of those walls, the shattering of fears and beliefs that kept you from feeling it, keeping it. A deep restructuring that only powerful love can help create.
Most people confuse that pain with someone wanting to hurt them, and sometimes this does happen, but for the most part, if you feel that deep pain it’s actually all about… you, resisting love.
Yep. Sorry to say it, but it’s true. Something deep inside of us is being shaken to the core, to rattle out all the crap we’ve carried for so long, heal those parts of us that we thought we’d tamed, hidden or forgotten but are still there.
It’s easy to blame someone else, make them the one who hurt you. And yes, some people intentionally do that. But when you feel a deep loving connection with someone, the pain that can come up is from that deep transformation that brings to the surface those things that need to be let go of. And we hurt ourselves without realising. This is the hardest part of all, the inner push-pull.
To let real love in, you’re going to have to stop fighting it. Stop playing into your fears, stop projecting stuff from the past, stop tearing yourself to pieces over who knows what story you have that is hurting you. The more you fight it, the more pain you feel and the longer it lasts. And the more you confuse things and people. Trust the deep healing process of love and let it transform the very parts of you that have been hurting for so long. Love deeper, wider. For yourself and your loved one.
Otherwise you will keep hurting. Until. You. Wake. Up.
Love, at its purest, at its most powerful, will tear down those walls you built. That’s the pain you feel, and it will continue that way until you let the entire tower crumble. THEN you can feel and ‘keep’ those wonderful and magical feelings of love with more ease, consistency, and purity.
Love, uninterrupted. You want that, right?
Let love grow you.