If you keep running from love, how do you expect to keep it?

Runners. Wanting love but running from it when it shows up.

It’s usually triggered by fear, insecurity, lack of trust (in self), a perception of inconvenience. Past relationship wounds or unresolved family issues. Concerns over what some might say. Most times, it’s the runner’s own “stuff,” though some will sometimes try to project it onto others.

If you’re the one who keeps running, what do you really need to have emotional stability and confidence? Do you ever consider how your person feels every time you run away?

Find out what’s really going on inside of you and, if you really want love, do whatever it takes to transform that. First for you, so you stop hurting yourself and undermining the very thing you desire, and then for your person. It’s no use saying you have fears if you’re not going to resolve them; some you may have to work on alone, and others together.

If you’re the one watching your loved one run away, it can rip your heart out; waiting, hoping, wondering what will help them stay. “You keep running, I keep waiting, are you done yet? Did you figure out what you really want yet? Are you staying in or are you staying out?” You may end up feeling like a parent waiting for their teenage kid to come home after a late night out, wanting to have “the talk”. Or you may end up feeling like they’re just playing games with you; taking you for granted, or for a fool. It’s hard to tell sometimes, to be honest. What isn’t hard to tell is how it leaves you feeling like you can’t count on them to stay, and that’s tough.

The best you can do is bless them, love them from a distance, and understand they may never come back or tell you what happened, because fear and indecision (or something/someone else) overpowered them. You may just have to heal your heart by yourself and let them go.

Or maybe they will find the courage to tell you what’s really going on and face it head on.

Either way, I hope you take care of your own heart, because that’s the only one you can never ever run from, no matter how hard you may try.