It’s not so much what you do with your time…

They say time is a healer, especially for a hurting heart, but that’s not entirely true. Some people process things at a slower or faster pace, based on how they handle life as a whole. Some people don’t necessarily do the inner work to overcome certain things, which can extend their healing time. While others do the deep inner work to heal, understand and pick themselves up. Neither way is better than the other, though the latter usually helps both the person who is healing and their next partner to have a better relationship, without unresolved pains of a previous one. Every person is different, but every person has a choice to take on their inner healing sooner rather than later, for their benefit and for their loved one’s.
Are you healing a hurting heart? Factor in at least these three things:
Time to dedicate to yourself, your heart, your concerns, your dreams and your needs.

Love of self so you can be clear on who will love you as you deserve.
Tenderness towards yourself, because it will invite that very thing from your next person.