It’s okay to feel what you’re feeling.

It's okay to feel what you feel

Feelings. We love the good ones, and sometimes we try to hide the others. Often times we’re told off for feeling anything less than love and joy… but we’re humans, and we need to feel what we feel without being caged in.

Now, we’re human, it’s natural to go through a whole range of emotions…

It’s okay to feel love.
It’s okay to feel sadness.
It’s okay to feel joy.
It’s okay to feel disappointment.
It’s okay to feel curiosity.
It’s okay to feel trepidation.
It’s okay to feel wonder.
It’s okay to feel anger.
It’s okay to feel confidence.
It’s okay to feel frustration.
It’s okay to feel desire.
It’s okay to feel neutral.
It’s okay to feel big.
It’s okay to feel small.
It’s okay to feel… everything.

Try not to hold onto anything that dims your inner spark, because it only eats you up inside and hurts you. And that hurt can spill over onto other people, including the people you care about if you’re not careful. We need to take care of how we express some of those feelings, because whilst it’s beautiful to share love and ecstasy, it’s not okay to dump anger on anyone and expect them to be just fine with it. Love is not about hiding darker emotions but about caring about how we express them with our loved ones.

Whatever happens, do not judge yourself; feel what you need to feel and try not to steamroll anyone in the process. And if you do, rectify as soon as you can. Restore your personal and relationship harmony.

Where do you spend most of your emotional time?

What is your primary feeling (or group of feelings)? The real one, not the one that you post on your social media feed… be radically honest with yourself. Only then can you make changes that work to keep you in a preferred emotional state of desired stability.

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