Love and resentment cannot coexist.

Where there is bitterness or resentment, love cannot thrive. Not within a person, or a relationship, or a family. There may be fleeting moments of love, of course, but to sustain love, if bitterness and resentment are given more emotional space and attention, they will suffocate love and all its true colours.

The seeds of bitterness and resentment go far back into childhood – or even past life if you believe in that stuff) and the only way to resolve them is to go dig into that part of your personal garden and uproot any bitter plant that has grown. Otherwise, they will spread and poison the entire garden of your heart, mind, body, relationship, and life…

Bitter for not getting what you or who you want?
Resentful for not letting yourself have what or who you want?

Bitterness and resentment skew perception of loving reality. And when someone reacts with these kinds of emotions, it means they have unresolved inner work to. In these times of heightened emotional responsibility, it doesn’t work anymore to keep deflecting the responsibility onto others and try to duck your head in the sand. It catches up to you somehow.

This goes so much deeper than whatever is happening in your life right now, those reactions are just beacons for you to look within. Pain is just an indicator of where love and healing needs to be focused.

Dare to explore that rich history of your life that has all the answers for you to unravel your own secrets. Otherwise, you’ll perpetuate this pattern and only keep hurting yourself more, along with other people who may be giving you exactly what you seek, but whose love and kindness are pushed away by any bitterness or resentment you hold onto.

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”
– Buddha

Pour the poison out in a safe and healthy way without harming anyone, and drink from the cup of love instead. And you are more than capable. For your good and for those who love you. The biggest seed we all come to life equipped with is the seed of Love, and THAT is what we need to grow our beautiful garden.