Love is a playground, not a battlefield.

A happy relationship means we spend more time in love, joy, consciousness, kindness, playfulness, affection, and all the wonderful things that make it healthy. This doesn’t mean there won’t be “cloudy days,” challenges, or moments where we’re not in tune, but it does mean these will generally be less.

When a relationship becomes a battlefield though, you need to look deeper at what is going on. To super simplify “why” this happens, it’s generally because someone is either dealing with their own inner conflicts, they’re in an environment where there is no love, and/or there are power struggles.

Where there is real love (including self love) there are no power struggles between two people – there are simply two people who love powerfully.

Loving powerfully is NOT equal to a power struggle…

+ A power struggle is when conflicting thoughts, beliefs and emotions come into play and destabilise love, peace and harmony.

+ Loving powerfully is being in alignment with love above all, ensuring that words and actions follow suit accordingly, and respecting each others’ strengths.

Yes, sometimes we need to deal with people and situations that are getting in the way of us being in harmony with our loved one, and this can feel like a battle against the outside world. We may need to armour up for this type of circumstance. But for the most part, a relationship based on love feeds us with the inspiration of colourful swings, monkey bars and clear blue skies.

A playground for our purest emotions to flourish, together.

A true love warrior leads with integrity, harmony and the firm belief that love overcomes anything (provided both people are in agreement).

Does your relationship feel like a playground or a battlefield?