Love is the ultimate abundance.

When we tap into the infinite source of love, it catalyses everything in our life. It’s our personal vortex of creation. The energy of loving yourself, loving your partner, being in love, creates and attracts a whole set of circumstances that we sometimes deem magical, inexplicable, but oh so wonderful.

And to share this with someone who also approaches life from the heart is the greatest treasure of all.

No amount of social standing, money, material things or other achievements can ever truly make up for love if it’s not there. 

Yes, of course, life has its “needs” and situations. Someone may get into a relationship based on a certain upbringing, cultural paradigm, or for money, instead for love.

A person can try to convince themselves that other things are more important than deep soul intimacy, or close themselves off to love for whatever reason (no judgment, we all have free will). But… how many people have gone halfway through their lives checking all those societal boxes on a list, only to realise they may have a great lifestyle but there is no love where they are?

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with someone; if the love isn’t there, why are you?

Is all the other stuff really worth more?

How long can people sustain a life without deep love, without it somehow affecting their health, self confidence, career, or relationship in the long run?

When we let ourselves believe in the true abundance love provides – quality relationships, quality lifestyle, quality creation – we can turn anything around. 

Love is the ultimate abundance from which everything else is generated. Without love, a soul lives in ultimate poverty.

Everyone deserves to be rich in love.
You deserve to be rich in love.
But you have to believe it, be it, and receive it so it can happen.

Are you questioning the love in your relationship?
Did you ever realise you were giving priority to something other than love, and how did that affect your relationship if you were in one?
What did you choose to prioritise and why? Did it serve you?