Prioritise the safety of your heart.

Your heart is the portal to your life and not just in human form. It contains all your dreams, hopes, desires, aspirations, and love. That’s why it’s of utmost importance to take care of it (just like your mind). Safety doesn’t mean protecting yourself so much that you block love out. No, safety means;

Ensuring your heart is taken care of before you care for anyone else’s (their heart is their responsibility). Tending to your dreams and desires regardless of what others think or say, especially if they don’t agree or understand (eliminate distractions).

Being kind to yourself even through hardships and heartbreaks (everything is an opportunity for growth).

Not giving so much of yourself to those who don’t know how to hold your heart with gentleness and love (show them this message to remind them to care for their heart like this).

Not over-extending yourself to those who take what they want and give you breadcrumbs in return (exit stage left).

Bringing the energy of peace and harmony into your relationship, and not putting up with conflict or drama (that’s what stress toys are for).

Understanding who will truly respect your heart and the love you have to give.

The world needs your heart to be happy, healthy, strong and pure.