Release to receive.

To let in what we really seek, and to build on it, we need to release what isn’t working, Limiting thoughts, fears, perceptions, insecurities, old belief patterns, ways of being, hurts or worries from the past.

Sometimes this also means people that are not supposed to carry on into our future at all or in the way they accompanied us for some time, becase we have evolved and our energy or vision are no longer a match. This is usually the most challenging part because we’re human beings – we don’t like to upset others, especially if it comes to family or people we’re closely involved with somehow. These are generally not the easiest or nicest conversations to have yet they are necessary for us to have the love (or dreams) we wish for.

But if we’re with someone who is not truly seeking or understanding our happiness, trying to hold us back somehow, or not choosing to see us for who we really are, then we must come to that decision and respect our inner guidance.

Release them, and ask to be released by them so they too can find someone who really wants to be with them too.

Release with kindness, to receive what you truly desire.