Restore the balance.

To create and maintain what we desire, we need to have inner balance. Most people look to the outside for confirmation, validation, or other people to attach their balance to. It’s quite normal to want to be able to rely on that stable person, job or situation. It’s basic survival. However, inner balance creates external balance, and the result is what we call stability.
When you’re not balanced, it can mess up your outer life circumstances, relationships, finances, health, etc.
The level of stability in your outer world is simply reflecting back to you something within yourself that needs attention. So if something feels out of balance in your life, look within.
First, restore your inner balance. This will give you personal clarity and help guide your next steps.
Second, look to create balance with the person you love and have (or wish to have) a relationship with.
Balance in relationship means harmonising and valuing what each one is putting in for your shared vision, joining individual strengths and forces. Finding ways to collaborate, co-create, finding what works and making it better for both people. Learning how to manage the flow of life between you, so you each feel the other has your back no matter what happens.
But if only one person seeks to create that balance, they may fall under the weight of the loneliness this creates within the relationship, and it falls apart.
If only one person reaches out every day to offer their love and the other one waits for that to respond, that’s not balanced.
If only one person expects the other to do everything for the relationship to work, it’s not balanced.
But you can’t force another person to create balance if they don’t want to. Communication is key if you want to have any chance at having or restoring balance. For this, both people have to be willing, and that is the very first question that needs to be addressed.
Personal balance and relationship balance require honest conversations over wants, hopes and needs.
Where do you need to restore balance within yourself or your relationship?
Are you willing to restore it?