Talk less, love more.

Conversations. Some of them are important to have, especially to clarify values, beliefs, desires, wants, needs, boundaries, relationship goals, and what is important to each person and the relationship itself.

But sometimes, people get carried away with other conversations that are draining. Too much talk about stuff that tires them out from being in a loving space with their partner. Perhaps over-talking work, those empty reality TV shows (where people mostly compete for attention), the state of the world, or things that really do not impact their day-to-day or actual life. Sometimes by talking like this, people can even create doubt or anxiety out of “nothing,” which can take its toll on how they feel and impacts the relationship.

Do you notice if you feel tired, bored or even jaded after certain conversations with your partner?

Are those topics really that important or is it just to fill in space?

What if you filled that space with love instead – love itself and talking about the things you love?

Talk less about the things that don’t matter, “be” more in the space of love.