Thank you for everything…

Saying thank you for the good stuff is “easy”. When it comes to break ups or conflicts, gratitude is essential for peace and growth, to maintain respect and recover harmony. Whether you’re recently out of a relationship or still healing from any past one, how about offering gratitude for all the shared moments to let go and transform (or reaffirm) whatever you need to? Let’s do this together (take what resonates, leave the rest):

Thank you for…
Your kindness, it reasserted mine.
The pain, it made me more resilient.
Your sweetness, it softened parts of me that needed it.
The harshness, it deepened my gentleness.
Your honesty, it helped me share mine.
The lies, they sharpened my instincts.
Letting me embrace your vulnerabilities, and embracing mine.
Being there for me, it felt good not to have to do it all by myself.
Not being there for me, it strengthened my self sufficiency.
Being proud to be with me, I was proud to be with you.
Treating me like a toy or a trophy, it helped me understand real value in relationship.
The blessings, they are infinitely rewarding.
The lessons, I am constantly growing.
Facing the world with me, I love facing it with you.
Turning your back on me, I saw who really wants to walk with me.
Speaking highly of me, you saw the best of me.
Speaking ill of me, it showed me where you didn’t or couldn’t see my truth.
Trusting me with your fears, I was honoured to soothe them.
Listening to my concerns without criticising me or feeling criticised.
Your gentleness when I was being hard on myself.
Having standards that complement mine.
Not having boundaries, they reaffirmed my integrity.
Staying even when you were afraid, it showed me your courageous heart under fire.
Leaving, it showed me your commitment was stronger with someone or something else.
Blaming me for all that went wrong, it reminded me of balanced responsibilities.
The beauty of what came true.
The despair of what didn’t come true, it showed me where to tune my intuition.
Saying hello, I’ll treasure that moment forever.
Saying goodbye, let’s treasure the good moments.
Most of all, thank you for your love, I hope you remember mine.
I love you.