The highest expression of attention and appreciation is unwavering faithfulness.

Real love is natural magnetism and attraction between two people, who ideally will have a healthy sense of individual self worth and self love. It requires no attention-seeking, and definitely no jealousy or manipulation games. It gives healthy attention from the most genuine place of acceptance, desire and appreciation. The genuine daily acts of love themselves ARE the confirmation that you want, value, admire, and appreciate that person (or vice versa). Being an attentive partner means your attention is given in many ways.

This may be affected from time to time though. What if the attention you’re used to getting goes away, does it really mean the love is gone? Think of people who need to travel or get separated somehow for days, weeks, months… by need, force or by work. We can’t always manage life circumstances or stressful times that may imply a break in the regular attention dynamic of a relationship.

And if one person is constantly waiting for the other to show them attention as a way to prove they are loved, something needs to be looked at in terms of equal give and receive, and perhaps Love Languages. The attention flow can’t just come from one person always.

Regardless of the situations though, when the love is real, the ultimate proof is a person’s unwavering faithfulness.

When you love from this place, it doesn’t matter who else is around you or may try to approach you, because you know who your heart, mind, soul and body are committed to and your faithfulness is not swayed. Hopefully you’re with someone who chooses you like this every day and that you choose them likewise, and you both know how to nurture a strong bond to protect your relationship together.