The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…

Some people commit to someone on a piece of paper when the truth of their heart is completely different. Or their heart was matched to that signature in the beginning, but over time, their feelings change and the paper loses all meaning. Some people don’t ever need that piece of paper because the commitment in their heart is so strong and it stays that way till their last breath.

But what is truth really?
We can talk about the truth of a situation, about facts.
We can talk about the truth of how we see things through our eyes.
We can talk about how we perceive someone else’s truth.
We want truth from others, but do you know what it is for you?

The deepest most important one is the truth of what’s in our hearts. From here stem all the decisions and actions that support living in our truth.
There is your truth, my the and then “the” truth. Sometimes all three are in alignment over the same thing, sometimes they’re all over the place.

There are those who want all the truth from you but offer none of theirs, or just a crumb to keep you hanging in there with them… does that seem fair? There are those who won’t accept our truth and base their decisions on what they think our truth is. Yes, this is a really tough one; when someone has made up their mind about your truth and it’s different to what yours really is, you can easily feel impotent and deeply misunderstood.

But there is also a tender and sensitive side to truth… Sharing how we feel, expressing (or hearing) what we want or what we hope for. Sometimes it comes out as a whisper and other times as a roar. Sometimes really shy and sometimes really proud.

Sometimes, sharing our truth feels hard; for fear of rejection or ridicule, of sparking someone’s anger or possible disillusion. Or we’re being controlled somehow. All these things can limit when or how we express what is in our heart.

The truth often reveals itself in mysterious ways, and you can sleep safe knowing that the truth always comes out, whether it’s a truth you want to hear or one you don’t. Either way, knowing it sets you free.

Set your truth free. Your heart deserves it. And so does somebody else’s.