There’s no need to rush things.

Passionately rushing into something new can often create confusion, and some pain in the long run. How long can a relationship truly last without all the other elements like deep listening, gentleness, empathy, and that sacred silence of simply holding each other, letting your souls speak to one another?

Mature love means looking at the whole picture so we can be better equipped to handle what we’re creating together. Whilst some may say that life is short and you need to make the most of it now, there’s also making sure that what we do today is building on tomorrow, not taking from it or being reckless somehow.

Loving this way is not denying the passion or desire to be together, it IS respecting who we are as individuals and getting a better understanding of what we’re creating – or considering – together. Starting from an emotional foundation based on open communication, and showing our souls to one another.

This is how blessed unions are truly created and maintained.
One loving, conscious step at a time.