They lied to you about me (people, fears, beliefs).

Lies and manipulation are never cool, especially in relationships. We usually think of them as one person trying to control another’s actions and emotions. But let’s talk about other forms of lies and manipulation that can affect relationships.
When some people feel their interests or even status are “at risk” they will do anything they can to block two people who love each other from being together. We have countless movies on this subject.
Some people suffer emotional (or physical) manipulation so as not to leave a relationship. It’s tough, and it can be gut-wrenching if you’re feeling it in any way (being that person or wanting to be with someone experiencing that). Manipulation can be as “simple” as infusing doubt in you or spreading lies about you or your loved one (which can heighten your fears and reduce your sense of personal power), right down to people holding back money or possessions, or even manipulating kids so you won’t leave. It’s sick. It’s selfish. It hurts everyone involved.
If people say they did that in the name of love, that is not love. That is selfishness. Question their true intentions. Fine tune your intuition.
But fears and conditioning can also manipulate people out of relationships… those thoughts that tell you, “We’re not right for each other. Love won’t last. I can’t trust that person because I’ve been hurt before. History will repeat itself. What will people say?” etc. The mind can be the greatest traitor as it wraps you in its fearful, egotistical ways if you don’t manage your thoughts. Literally betraying yourself all on your own.
And then we have religious structures, belief systems, peer pressure, family, social structures, which all play their part to “manipulate” how we actually allow ourselves to love someone. These happen at a more subtle level because they’re the beliefs or the circle of people we grew up with, and it can feel really hard to overcome these for some people.

Isaiah 54:17 – “No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.”