What are you choosing to believe about yourself when it comes to love?

It’s easy to say you are love, you give love, you desire great love… but are you really believing it?

Many would be surprised to uncover their deepest beliefs around how they actually value themselves when it comes to love, and how this often creates an adverse effect in their relationships. Words are easy to say (and nice to hear), yet love is a verb and therefore it requires… action. Devotion. Intention. Investment. Especially when it comes down to the daily care of love.

However, all action stems from our beliefs.

What beliefs do you have about love?

What beliefs do you have about having love?

What beliefs do you have about relationships?

Take a close and kind look at what you’ve been choosing to believe, and you may well discover the parts of you that need fine tuning. Beliefs that hold you back from having and living that precious thing you treasure – great love.

What would you need to believe differently about yourself and how you view love in order to live it?