What part of “I want to spend the rest of my life loving you and creating dreams with you?” did you not get?

What happens when you know what your level of commitment is but perhaps your partner or person of interest is scared, unclear, “not ready” or even considering other options? Regarding the last one, I don’t compete – if you want to be with me come be with me, and if I tell you how much I want you with me then pay attention… spare me any chasing games, I only have time for real love (there is a difference between true romance and adolescent games).
Perhaps it’s just me but when I give my word and my heart on a commitment, it IS, without question. But you have to meet me there, and quit playing games, creating drama or running away. No difference or mountain is so great it can’t be resolved somehow. But that’s just me, how about you? If you’ve been that person, how did you conquer your fears and insecurities? Have you experienced this with your partner? When you know who you want to be with but something keeps pulling them back or running away, how do you handle it? “OMG, decide already,” your Mind thinks.
“I just want you with me every day without hesitations,” your Heart yearns.
“Can we just create magic and life already?” your Soul says as its fingers drum on the table, waiting for the other person to show up for dinner.
“I want you,” your Body craves.
Some people can get caught up in petty details to avoid fully committing. Sometimes they’ll try to convince themselves (and you) that you’re the one who isn’t actually committed to them. What?
It’s really weird. Annoying, Heartbreaking at times.
If you really want to be with someone, what really stops you from acting on your desire?
Communication is key. Speak up if you’re the one who’s unsure. Express what’s really going on with you. Only then can you work it out with the other person who has made YOU their firm decision. Until then, your silence can be misunderstood as rejection. And that is the saddest thing when two people who really love each other don’t understand that mutual and fundamental desire.
Don’t keep Love waiting, even if you can’t be together right now. Love needs to shine powerfully no matter what.