You are perfectly imperfect, and perfectly loveable.

You are perfectly imperfect Love Card © Karin Pinter

So many of us have been brought up with this idea that we have to be “perfect,” but what does that really mean anyway? And by whose standards?

Some people strive so hard for perfection that they fall to pieces if they don’t feel like they are perfect, their life isn’t perfect, or they don’t have the perfect partner.

But we all have flaws whether we like to admit them or not. It’s just part of being human. Even our favourite movie and book characters have flaws, and we probably love them more for it. So, if you feel perfection may be getting in the way of being your most authentic self, and having an enjoyable relationship, what if you let go of the ideals? What if you let go of trying to be perfect, or somehow pushing for your partner to be perfect?

Maybe it’s time to ditch perfection and accept yourself as being perfectly imperfect, perfectly evolving as you move through life. Be authentic, with an authentic partner. No more striving for perfection (hint: it’s actually through authenticity that you will find you end up having that “perfect” relationship, but without the stress of “acting” perfect).

And remember you are perfectly loveable, flaws and all.

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