You confused me with someone from your past.

The past can mess with your clarity and your relationships, if you’re not careful or conscious. And it can derail something very beautiful.
How many people have started a new relationship, thinking they were over someone else but then something happens, and they confuse the new person with someone else?
When this comes up, most people can only “see” the pain of the past and project it onto the new person, because something possibly unrelated got triggered between them and their subconscious mind mistakenly pours all their hurt onto that new person, not realising the pain actually comes from some previous experience with someone else.
It takes soul searching and mind-clearing to understand what’s what. Especially if they are afraid of getting hurt again. Especially if you are still somehow attached to the old person or experiences of the past. This could even come from unresolved childhood trauma. That new person can get drowned out by your fears or hurts from the past, when all they’re there to offer you is real love and something so different you may not even trust it (because you’re so used to shitty relationships, or lacking self confidence as a result of them).
Take the time to look into the mirror of your soul, sift through what is what and understand who is who, for real.
The answers are in your heart, but your mind has to find clarity, harmony and agreement.
Then, you can see people for who they really are. And you can let in what you really want with whom you feel is right for you… and live it together.
Have you ever felt someone was projecting their past onto you unfairly?
Did you tell them?
How did they respond?
Did you talk about it with your new partner to understand and help each other heal those parts of you, that only love really knows how to heal with its purity and gentleness?
Are you doing your own inner work to clear your heart’s path?