You don’t get to have the fairytale dream relationship without putting in the work.

Magical fairytale relationships where everything is “perfect” all the time… Don’t you just love them?

They’re wonderful, something to aspire to, something to make life feel more special, right?

We’ve been told and sold so many stories of “girl meets boy/girl meets girl/boy meets boy,” they fall in love, stay together against all odds and live happily ever after… but what is the reality of it?

Most dream relationships got to that magical place because both people put in the work on themselves, and the relationship itself. They worked through tough times together when others would have split ways. They held onto the treasure of one another amidst the chaos. They worked through the shadow moments to brighten all their colours.

Some relationships just seem to flow beautifully, but how much work did it take for them to get there?

Though that initial spark may have happened in an instant, the dream relationship didn’t just happen overnight.

It takes work to make the dream relationship work.

Personal dedication to be your best self, and to nourish the relationship with your best qualities. It requires understanding, compassion, commitment, clarity of vision, creating harmony together, and so much else that people often overlook or avoid (and more so in these times of instant gratification).

It starts with you. Work that inner magic and break any “spells” to set yourself free so you can meet your King/Queen or Emperor/Empress.

Do you have that dream relationship, and what did it take to get there?