“What if I had my own cartoon character?”

Those were my thoughts as a teenager, wanting to explore and define my place in this world.

Niki was “born” one summer afternoon in 1995, and has since generated a worldwide following through the greeting cards, gifts, books and cartoons that I create with him. He is the main character of my first books “Niki Owl, Leap of Faith,” and “Niki Owl, Leap of Faith – The Coloring Book“. There are more books in the pipeline!

Niki Owl is one my proudest achievements, and every moment illustrating him is a moment of joy that I get to share with so many of you. I am constantly amazed at how people receive Niki Owl with such open hearts and huge smiles. It warms my heart beyond words.

Niki’s mission is to remind people to listen to their hearts and their inner wisdom, and have a hoot because life is supposed to be FUN.

Niki’s vision is to shine a light on our global community with new ways of thinking and being through inspirational storytelling.

I know you’ll find golden nuggets of wisdom through Niki Owl, and I want to celebrate the leaps of faith you’re taking.

Niki Owl
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