Niki Owl, Leap of Faith

Where do owls get their wisdom?

And how do we gain wisdom for ourselves?

The answer is simple…

We take leaps of faith.

Niki is an unconventional owl, and this is no ordinary tale of animals in a forest. In the first book of the Niki Owl series, our faithful explorer takes a major leap of faith by journeying from his home forest in Spain to find adventure in Canada. He may be a little owl, but he has big dreams!

Niki finds far more than he ever imagined as he explores a new culture and environment, and encounters many of the typical situations we often find ourselves in as the result of change. He approaches them with as much positive thinking as he can, sharing what he already knows and learning much more from the new friends he makes along the way. He knows that we are all students, and we are all teachers.

More importantly, Niki learns a lot about himself and the world.

Guided by his “inner owl,” Niki begins to unravel some of the mysteries of life, and takes us back to simplicity so we can approach life in new ways.  Explore a magical world where anything is possible. Where dreams take shape faster than you can blink, and the Truth reveals itself in mysterious ways.

Embrace your inner owl and indulge in your own leap of faith with Niki as your guide.

(this may also be the greatest love story of owl time…)


Book Reviews

“Part spiritual and self-help wisdom, part adventure and part adorable, “Niki Owl: leap of faith,” by Karin Pinter is not only a great adult read, but can easily be shared with teens and children as well. Each chapter tells a short story with a spiritual lesson or belief weaved into it, allowing it to be read and digested easily for any age.”
– Tammy Mastroberte
Elevated Existence Magazine
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“‘Niki Owl – Leap of Faith’ is ‘The Little Prince’ of our time.”
– Jennifer Singh