Niki Owl's Christmas Stories

Niki Owl’s Christmas Stories is a collection of illustrated short stories available in hardcover edition, where you’ll discover the magic and wonder of Christmas with the stories of Santa’s Magical Helpers and The Gifts of the Three Wise Owls.

Santa’s Magical Helpers (excerpt)

Do you still wonder how Santa Claus manages to deliver our presents on time, no matter where we live in the world, come rain or shine? Well, so did I, until I learned what I’m about to share with you…

The story of Santa’s helpers is missing one key truth, and it has to do with one very special owl…

The Gifts of the Three Wise Owls (excerpt)

They say that Three Magi from the East arrived in Bethlehem in search of baby Jesus, guided by the Star of Wonder, and this they did. But what we’ve not been told is how they were really able to find him on such a long and arduous journey. Who or what led them between desert storms and cloudy darkness when they couldn’t see the Star of Wonder?

Look inside Niki Owl’s Christmas Stories:

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