What IS Genius & Why Should It Matter to You?

Episode 1

Welcome to Episode 1 of A Touch of Genius!

In this first episode, you’ll learn about the origins of the word Genius and how we’ve shaped our interpretation of it over time to fit evolving cultural and intellectual interpretations. 

Why is the concept of Genius is so important for you and our shared future?

I’ll share the beginnings of my personal journey exploring this subject and I’ll tell the story of how and why I created this podcast (including what one of our most cherished cartoon characters has to do with it!). You’ll discover what one simple inquisitive thought can turn into, and you’ll meet the most important Genius that will impact your life!

This is my open invitation for you to consider that there’s more to life than just ticking boxes on some list, and this episode will help us start to unpack this idea so that we can each learn how to live our most fulfilling lives.

In this episode:
3:47 – The story of a shy girl and this podcast.
5:53 – 2 important questions; what IS Genius, and why should it matter to you?
7:09 – Why should it matter to you?
8:09 – The most important Genius you need to meet.
10:04 – Interpretations of Genius.
11:40 – Insights from El Greco.
17:53 – A bit of introspection.
20:06 – A Genius little exercise.
24:33 – What does boredom have to do with it?
25:15 – Why your existence matters.

Links & Resources:
– The Hidden Habits of Genius, Craig Wright, PhD.
– Etymology of the word “Genius” / Other fun facts.
– El Greco.
– A Genius Little Exercise To Get You Started (downloadable PDF).
– Oatmeal raisin cookies recipe.

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