Can You Program Genius?

Episode 6

In this episode we get a little brainiac. We begin to explore the relationship between mind and brain in order to help us optimise and improve our personal Genius. We get curious about our magnificent brain and how we can program it to develop our potential.

We also start to unpack how these two statements impact us, and how we can impact them:

“Neurons that fire together, wire together,” and “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

Think of the brain as being the physical hardware, and the mind as being the software that runs it. Both need to be taken care of, because if not, we are not functioning at our best.

In this episode:

2:12 – Our hardware and software
6:15 – Why we’re better than computers
8:37 – The problem with “I’m not going to change”
9:49 – What real progress looks like
13:57 – Ada Lovelace
16:56 – A Genius little exercise in optimisation
19:53 – Something we take for granted
21:53 – System malfunctions

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