How Energy Impacts Your Human Potential (Part 1)

Episode 7

What happens if your own physical energy is blocking your personal development, and how do you change that?

It’s time to get a bit scientific in today’s episode as we explore Genius from a physics perspective. This is part one of a mini series dedicated to Energy and how this impacts our human potential. We’ll be looking at energy from different angles.

In this episode we look into some of the connections between the smallest unit of matter known to us and our physical bodies themselves, and how this impacts our thoughts and behaviours in a constant feedback cycle. Everything is connected, right down to an atomic level.

In this episode:

1:17 – What do atoms have to do with Genius?
4:12 – Ionisation
5:28 – Electromagnetic fields and Electromagnetic radiation
8:33 – Health concerns
10:57 – Something to draw (from)
12:35 – How does being barefoot help?
17:51 – Featured Geniuses

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