Cartografía del ánimo

“RELAVERSO, Cartografía del ánimo” is a book conceived from both the written word and design. Language and image are hybridised in a peaceful and exciting composition.

Without defining or sentencing, the authors show their passion for language and illustration.

Unreported reflections and unfinished verses, Karin Pinter and Pilar Úcar invite the reader and the observer to enjoy reflections, figures, suggestions… closed lines and undefined profiles.

Phrases and experiences, ravings and emotions, celebration and discouragement, life and death. Feelings on the surface, personal stories. A lot of Karin and a lot of Pilar.

United to offer a polychrome kaleidoscope to suit different tastes.

Like the colours, like the words.

Poems: Pilar Úcar
Artwork & book design: Karin Pinter
Prologue: Manuela Bascón
Published by Ediciones Algorfa, Marbella.

RELAVERSO Cartografia del ánimo
RELAVERSO, Cartografía del ánimo is available at the Librería de la Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid), Librería Alfaqueque (Marbella), Papelería/Librería San Pedro, (Carmona, Sevilla), Casa del Libro, Buscalibre (MX), Amazon and other book retailers.
RELAVERSO, Cartografía del ánimo © Pilar Úcar & Karin Pinter
RELAVERSO, Cartografía del ánimo © Pilar Úcar & Karin Pinter