Rule The World

Watching London’s closing ceremonies gave me time for some brief introspection of the last few weeks watching world class athletes perform. It has been so inspiring as I complete my forthcoming book, I want to be done with it already.

Of course, we still have a couple more weeks to look forward to with another awe-inspiring collective of athletes.

You may Believe that we are all part of one Love energy, one juicy awe inducing Consciousness, one massive community of Creators.


You may Believe that we are the product of genetic evolution from particles that came together over time and space.


You may Believe in the synergy of both.

However you choose to look at Life, there is no denying that as human beings we are each a part of the whole magic of Life.

And how we choose to perform in our lives is what makes us excel in our own ways.

As the world watched these remarkable human beings for two weeks, we can see once again how to take an individual goal, surpass all known limitations and come together as one global community raising itself to a whole new level of Belief in self.

Where our differences are motivators for personal excellence.

Where camaraderie unites us in awe of one another.

Humans being self-fulfilled individuals within the whole of humanity.

So instead of putting each other down out of jealousy, fear or skepticism, we actively support each other in being our best.

And when there’s something in life that you want, achieving it comes down to a very simple thought – if there’s nobody apparently better than you out there, then go for it, Phelps style. Break through your previous limitations with eyes wide open, like those of a child looking at something for the very first time.

If you encounter criticism from others, remind yourself that it’s their choice how they focus their energy.

If others choose to focus on pulling you down, continue to focus on building yourself up. Simply carry on doing what you can for you, since their path is theirs for the making.

Your excellence acts a beacon to show others how they can excel for themselves.

Somebody else will take inspiration from you and propel themselves to greater heights.

And if there is somebody better than you at something, applaud them as you take inspiration from their feats.

Our achievements come down to Attitude, Belief, and Commitment to giving it our all.

This is what makes us humane champions of life.

This is how we rule the world.


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