Personal Growth Courses and Workshops

¿What do children and adults have in common with one another?
Their inner child... that person we all have within but that sometimes we ignore as we grow up. That little voice that asks us to dream, to enjoy, to live on purpose and to be the best person we can be.

Kids & Teens Courses & Workshops
"Create and Colour Your Future"

Designed for primary and secondary/high school kids, these workshops integrate illustration, creative writing and personal development tools. They learn about how their minds work and how to develop self awareness and emotional intelligence, including:

– understanding their learning styles

– how to design their life vision and well-formed outcomes

– how to develop positive attitudes and values

– how to improve their connection and communication with family/community

– how to handle and erradicate bullying

– inclusion regarding cultural or functional diversity

Workshops for younger children are more simplified and focus on how to create their first book, discover their inner superpowers (positive emotions) and develop good fellowship.

Adult Courses & Workshops
"Colour Your Life"

taller crecimiento personal karin pinter

Designed for adults who are in the process of change or seeking to ignite their inner spark. Curious minds that want to know themselves better, starting with how their minds create their reality. Together we explore self awareness and emotional intelligence, including:

– their values and beliefs and where they come from

– how to change beliefs that don’t serve them

– how to manage personal states

– how to improve self care and self esteem

– how to align with and design personal/professional goals

– how to improve their connection and communication with family/community

– their impact and legacy on the world around them

– how to be better stewards for their children and teams

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Courses and workshops can be facilitated in English or Spanish.