Colorín Colorado

“Y colorín colorado, este cuento se ha acabado” is a colourful Spanish phrase we use in children’s books to say “The End”.

During lunch with a friend we spoke about life choices and journeys. A friend of his had told him that many people move to Denver to “find their identity” and once they do that, they move on.

Timely conversation to have the day before I moved to Portland, Oregon.

When I first arrived in Colorado, I thought I’d only be there for a month and then move on to Portland, but as life would have it, I was not ready for that move just yet. That was a little over a year ago, which is apparently what I needed to reinvent myself, and get the clearest I’ve ever been on who I Am and where I’m going in life.

Mind you, the real power of knowledge is in the application of it…

“Knowledge is power” = the car sitting in idle.
“Applied knowledge is power” = actually driving the car.
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Karin today and Karin last year are two different people. So much has happened that would not fit into this post. For simplicity, it’s been quite the year of breathing new life into my dreams, accepting that I asked for a BIG LIFE, and owning it.

The most powerful thing I’ve taken ownership of is personal commitment and making powerful decisions.

Another friend asked me what I “leave” with. I told him I move forward with a heart full of Love and Celebration.

Sometimes we make decisions out of a desire to get away from something we don’t want. We look for reasons why “not” to be there to justify going elsewhere. This is acting from pain or desperation <— not the best way to live (except in extreme cases when you have to get out for safety’s sake, and then you can make your next choices from a peaceful place within).

The best decisions are the ones that help us move towards what we want, based on sheer joy and how good it feels. This is acting from inspiration <— we want more of this in the world.

Now, I’ve moved around the world a fair amount, but only recently realized that each move primarily focused on just one aspect of my life; social, business, relationship… My move to Colorado served its purpose for me to wipe the slate clean and review my whole life vision.

I spent half the summer tuning into my highest excitement and noticing the signs that came up when I began to feel that Portland would be my next home. It was the first time I made a decision like this (since Vancouver) from a whole life perspective – personal, professional, lifestyle, geography, creativity, social. Before I declared it though, I wanted to be sure I was making my decision for all the RIGHT reasons, focusing only on what felt good about it.

Life’s magic happens when you’re open to noticing the signs and staying in play mode.

I meditated. I asked for really obvious and fun signs to confirm what my intuition was guiding me towards. The Universe responded promptly and from all sorts of angles (which is why I know it’s a “whole life” move)…

+ Finding junk mail with a sender from Portland Oregon… “Thanks Universe.”
+ Seeing a roll of packing tape lying on the sidewalk close to home after one of my early morning walks, no moving truck or neighbour in sight to claim it… “Thanks Universe.”
+ Reaching out to my friends in the Portland area to tell them I was moving there, and receiving an email from one of them 14 minutes later with a connection for a new home… “Thanks Universe.”
+ After watching the Women’s World Cup this year I decided I wanted to experience more live soccer games (instead of being the outsider looking in as I used to be), and some of my favourite players are on my favourite NWSL team… “Thanks Universe.”
+ The National Women’s Soccer League championship final was allocated to Portland this year, so I bought my ticket for the game and planned my move to be there in time for it… “Thanks Universe.”
+ Portland is closer to my beloved Vancouver BC, and I could see myself making more regular visits up there to bask in the city… ”Thanks Universe.”
+ Portland is a huge reading city, and with my Niki Owl coloring book coming out, it felt like the perfect fit to expand this area of my creativity… “Thanks Universe.”
+ I asked to hit the ground running before I got to Portland, and I was graced with some wonderful responses from people I reached out to for whom I have a lot of respect for who they are and what they do… “Thanks Universe.”
+ People I connected with during my last few days in Denver immediately connected me with their best friends in the area, so I knew there would be even more people ready to engage when I got there… “Thanks Universe.”

There were so many more signs and reasons why that I could share with you, but I’m sure you get the gist by now.

Buying my ticket for the championship final was my way of planting my flag and setting a powerful intention to be there based on INSPIRATION. I mean, what better way to celebrate a new chapter in my life than to bask in a powerful celebration of this kind? Everything else fell nicely into place for my move, because I had lined up with my joy.

We must appreciate where we are now to head in the direction of our dreams.

Of course, emotions always surface when I’m about to move somewhere. This time around, I was filled with so much appreciation for and from the people I’d connected with in Denver. I know some of them will remain connections for a long time, and this makes me happy because I love building strong relationships wherever I am.

Every person I spoke to expressed how excited they were for me. Each one left me with a special thank you for how I’ve impacted them during my time in Colorado, which touches me to the core.

We all say we want to make an impact in the future, but the real impact is made by how we show up NOW. (share this)

These are possibly the sweetest words I heard on my last visit to the coffee shop that became my second home in Colorado, and where I wrote large parts of my next three books, “You’ve helped me so much I can’t even find words to describe it. Thank you.”

Colorado, you were the perfect canvas for me to reinvent myself and give new wings to all of me and to Niki Owl, and there are no words to describe that either.

Now it’s time for me and Niki to venture back to the West Best Coast and explore the wonders of The Rose City, or as I recently discovered its other name, Soccer City.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re boldly moving in the direction of your dreams.

Big Love,