The Buck Stops Here

“The buck stops here” is a phrase that became popular via U.S. President Harry S. Truman, who kept a sign on his desk in the Oval Office with this phrase. It refers to the fact that the President has to make decisions and accept ultimate responsibility for those decisions (instead of “passing the buck” or looking for a scapegoat).

Now, let’s look at how this affects all of us…

Three of us were consulting with a client earlier this week to provide insight and focus on where she is going in her business. I was the tech subject matter expert on this meeting.

Our client’s key concern was her financial flow – it wasn’t really “happening”, and however much was, was a struggle.

Now, this client is a leading expert in her field, and is respected internationally. She’s made an impact around the world for 20+ years doing what she loves, and is highly committed to fulfilling a beautiful mission and calling. Even Presidents call on her for her work.

She should be well-off financially, right? So why the financial hiccup then?

Curious, we asked more questions.

It turned out all the links to purchase her products and services on her website were BROKEN. So there was no way someone could pay her through the website even though she has a shopping cart in place and all.

How strange, right?

Well, you might think that’s just bad technology or gremlins or something, but after talking more about how she’s been thinking, we discovered what was really causing the blockage…

In her mind, she equated “being a successful business woman” with “losing touch with her mission”. Out of this fear, she was energetically and literally blocking the flow of money coming to her by the way she was thinking about herself and business.

See, many people have this mis-guided notion that to be “successful” you’ve got to lose sight of your Why and your values, and become a heartless money-hungry robot.

Au contraire, my friends… What you DO have to lose and what you WILL lose by allowing yourself to be successful is the lack of confidence, the false beliefs, and the pain of not having what you say you want. Success is all-inclusive of our personal, professional, spiritual and financial desires – and you get to choose what that looks like for you.

We are moving (quickly) into a wholehearteded world where CEO’s and businesses are integrating their vision with their heartfelt desires, for everyone to benefit and thrive.

After our “Trinity of Optimisation” team shared some powerful examples of successful business women who are still in touch with their mission (even more so in fact!!), our client was able to form a new association between “being a successful business woman” and “staying in touch with her mission,” which opened up the energy to breathe new life into her business operations and systems.

Our client realized that the MEANING she was giving to being a successful business woman was actually undermining the fulfillment of her mission. That’s really why her website payment links didn’t work… Now with the new meaning she’s giving to being a business woman, she is able to make better-feeling decisions to follow through on her mission. How cool is that?

I celebrate her for making the decision to change her thinking, and that comes from her deep commitment to her mission.

You might call me weird, but I’ve been around long enough in the tech world and personal development field to KNOW and SEE these signs clearly.

You can choose to be as skeptical about this as you please – I’m simply pointing out some very clear and strong facts here for you to consider.

That’s why it’s so important to align Why we do what we do with the Meaning we give things, the Beliefs we have and the Energy we operate with, and notice how this translates into our reality.


The ENERGY we put out creates what we experience, in some form or another, consciously or not.

The MEANING we give things defines the BELIEFS we have about ourselves, others, and the world we live in.

Leading with the heart opens up to sharing your WHY powerfully and genuinely engaging others to co-create/work with you.

Making one “small” shift in your thinking makes a HUGE impact in your life and business, just like our web client did with her business mindset. It comes down to being open, coachable and making decisions. And you can make new ones any day, any time.

As Tony Robbins says, “Decisions create Destiny.”

What destiny are you creating for yourself right now? I’d love to know…


Image credit: William Holman Hunt [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A Colorful Announcement!
The Niki Owl Coloring Book

Did you know that many adults are diving back into coloring books these days? It’s a great way to build the IMAGINATION, which is a key component of any successful business.

Even one of my SEO clients, skin care expert Marion Simms, wrote about this in one of her recent posts, “Adult coloring books are all the craze right now. They can relieve stress and anxiety as well as reconnect you with your inner child.”

So as a build-up to my next book Genesis, which celebrates 20 years of Niki Owl, and because people have been asking me for this for some time, I created a coloring book for you.

Presenting the “Niki Owl Leap of Faith Coloring Book
for the kid in YOU…

Embark on an inspirational coloring adventure with Niki Owl. Featuring quotes and illustration prompts, you’ll soon re-discover the magic and joy of unbridled imagination.

The illustrations in this book originally appeared in my first book, “Niki Owl, Leap of Faith” and showcase some of the lovely sights you’ll encounter in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada, so if you’ve been there you’ll know what they are! And if you haven’t been yet, perhaps this will inspire you to visit. You’ll also find some exclusive illustrations that didn’t go into the final version of “Niki Owl, Leap of Faith”.

The Niki Owl coloring book officially comes out on September 14, but YOU CAN PRE-ORDER YOURS TODAY, and it will ship via Amazon as soon as it becomes available!

You also have the option to place bulk orders (great for schools, organizations, and large families!). Please email me directly if you’d like to place a large order directly through yours truly.

Here’s a preview of what’s inside…

And another one…

Will you help me color this world with more joy and inspiration? 

This is my greatest passion and why I do what I do for you and in turn what you do for the world.

I really appreciate your support, and it would mean the world to me if you also share this with anyone you feel could use some more inspiration in their life.

Also, a percentage of sales proceeds will go to help families on the Caribbean island of Dominica, recently affected by tropical storm Erika. (TWEET THIS)

As a special thank you, if you purchase two or more copies of this coloring book, I will send you a signed copy on the house. Just email me a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase and I’ll get our publishing owls to magic up your personal copy!

Pre-order your Niki Owl coloring book here…

And let’s put some more color into our world together!

Thank you SO much,