Art has played an important part of my personal (and professional) evolution, inspired by "the greats" such as Da Vinci, Picasso and Seurat. I love posing the question, "How does art transform us as people, and as a collective society?"

It’s through illustrations and mixed techniques that I feel I can express certain observations and life experiences. Below you’ll find some of my creations. For custom art work pricing and purchase inquiries, please email directly. For Niki Owl art work and illustrations, visit

"Verdades que incomodan", 2021 ("Uncomfortable Truths)

“Uncomfortable Truths” is an evolving series that invites the viewer to reflect on themselves and their influence on society, both as part of the problem and the solution. Although created in Spanish, its messages are universal. The first three pieces of this series speak to freedom, equality and conversation. Besides offering a simple visual contemplation, they’re also linked to short essays related to these contemplations by QR code to help develop consciousness around the given topics.

Technique: acrylic, colouring pencils, transfer, collage.

These pieces are currently on display at Cafetería Mascarpone, Plaza San Fernando in Carmona (Sevilla) along with artwork from other local artists.

I. “La Libertad, colgada de un hilo.” / “Freedom, hanging from a thread”.
Who really controls your freedom?
Texto acompañante.

Dimensions: 25cm x 35,5cm

II. “La Igualdad de la que nadie habla.” / “The Equality that nobody talks about.”
It can come from any side…
Texto acompañante.

Dimensions: 25cm x 35,5cm

III. “Cotillavirus, ¿eres portador?” / “Gossipvirus, are you transmitting it?”
How a society poisons itself.
Texto acompañante.

Dimensions: 25cm x 35,5cm


“Re-birth of the heart.”
A tribute to those who have managed to recover from a hurtful or narcissistic relationship.

Technique: pen.
Dimensions: 12,7cm x 17,78cm
Year: 2021

When others betray our Faith, Trust and Purity that we gave them and then try to blame us for what they did.

Technique: pen, colouring pencils.
Dimensions: 42cm x 29.7cm
Year: 2020

“Puerta de Córdoba, Carmona.”

Technique: pen, colouring pencils.
Dimensions: 29,7cm x 42cm
Year: 2019