Never let someone’s poor treatment of you stop you…

We all get hurt somehow, for many reasons – sometimes we just didn’t know better, we had to learn something, or we just weren’t with the right person.
Once we know better though, we can do better and choose to step out of any of those situations, especially if there is no room for healing or transformation, or the relationship has simply come to its natural ending.
The path that comes after may require healing your heart from the pain, deceptions, and anything else you experienced. Renewing your faith in love if someone walked all over it.

But instead of making it about the other person and bringing any of that into your present, make it about your personal growth and wisdom. And do your best not to let how someone else treated you poorly impact your ability to let in new love and have someone treat you better. If you and your new person have done (or are doing) your inner work, chances are you’ve both called in better for each other. Trust what comes up as you learn from each other. Love better between you.

You’ve earned a higher love with what you learned from what you went through before (if you’ve learned it, of course). Give yourself and the other person that gift.

And wish your past person better too.