We were born to love, but over time some people forget how to love.

We’re all put here to love, but with time and circumstances, some people lose track of what love is. Many want it but don’t know how to give it, keep it, nourish it. There is a deep need to unlearn other emotional responses like fear, resentment, anger, guilt, or shame, so as to tear down any inner walls and have the very love one seeks.

But, just like remembering how to walk, you can remember how to love. You can go back to a time and a feeling – no matter how remote it may seem – to when you felt that warmth in your soul. Before anything ever happened that made you stop feeling love and giving love without expectations or demands of receiving anything in return.

Close your eyes, take yourself there, and once you find that feeling, hold it in your heart and make it yours right now. And carry that forward today, tomorrow, every day. And step by step, you will find yourself remembering how to love again.