Getting Comfortable with Curiosity

Episode 4

Do you consider yourself to be curious or adventurous? Are you prone to exploring even when others caution you against it? Curiosity and Genius are good friends.

Curiosity is a fascinating aspect of our personal development, because it’s what drives us to learn, explore, dream and discover. In this episode we take a dive into its different aspects, how fear can often hold us back from being more curious, and how to apply in different areas of our lives.

In this episode:

2:25 – A cautionary tail…
4:49 – The brain science of curiosity
6:23 – Curiosity during our infancy
8:52 – Mothers & Daughters
9:55 – Amelia Earhart
10:29 – The brilliance of children
11:18 – What’s fear got to do with it?
13:45 – Current challenges of being curious
15:19 – You and your curiosity
16:00 – Curiosity vs. judgement
18:03 – Curiosity vs. Gossip
19:48 – Curiosity and confirmation bias
21:11 – Curiosity and critical thinking
22:01 – Develop your curiosity
23:51 – The dark side of curiosity

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