Nurturing The Gifts Within You

Episode 5

To develop our personal ingenuity, it’s important to nourish the gifts we were born with. But if you don’t know what they are, how do you do that? Where do you start? In this episode, we start to answer these questions so that you can design your life around your personal gifts.

I’ll also share some personal stories on how I got into this personal development world, and bust a myth that some people have about coaches and therapists.

In this episode:

1:17 – Thoughts on how we experience our world
3:27 – The gifts that you give
6:47 – A Genius little exercise to explore your gifts
8:59 – Your children are watching you
9:49 – Distractions and excuses
10:32 – A concerning discovery
11:46 – The importance of encouraging kids
14:20 – Quick note on comparison
17:08 – Some words about coaches and therapists
21:45 – Beatrix Potter
23:04 – A day that you will never find on the calendar

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