Introducing… A Touch of Genius


Welcome to A Touch of Genius!

I’m Karin Pinter – author, artist, dreamcatcher and the creator of Niki Owl. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been deeply curious about what makes us who we are as human beings, what we are capable of and our sense of belonging. My journey to understand this has led me across various countries and continents, where I discovered that many people don’t believe in their own brilliance or are having trouble living up to their idea of themselves, so I thought I’d create this podcast for us to explore our personal Genius together.

We’ll talk about this perfectly imperfect journey called “being human”. We’ll learn to embrace our uniqueness and the shadows that hold us back. We’ll discover what impacts our wellbeing and potential as individuals and as a collective – essentially, what makes or breaks humanity. We’ll find what helps us excel and tear down the things that limit us or lead us astray from our potential.

For the most part, this will be a series of conversations between me and you, aimed at inspiring a deeper conversation between you and your Genius self. Each episode will highlight somebody who has used their personal ingenuity as an example for us to learn from. Every other episode, there will be featured conversations with other thought leaders, experts, change makers and creators offering their insights.

Starting April 3rd, episodes air every Wednesday wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Thanks for being here and welcome to A Touch of Genius. It’s going to be fun!

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